Hear what students have to say about their experiences at MCITC:

Attending MCITC was truly a great learning experience  that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new career. My instructor is a wonderful and caring person. My classmates were one in a million and I’ve gotten new friends to add to my circle of friends. The classroom atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable; even if you have had no prior medical experience. Trust me, by the time class is over you truly will have new skills that will help you to a new career.

where can you buy Premarin D Vales – Cherry Hill Campus


The education I received from MCITC Training Center lead me to a rewarding Health care position with a local hospital after waitressing for many years.

this contact form V Kay – Cherry Hill Campus

If you are looking for a career change and want a truly professional experience and Education all-in-one, I would highly recommend MCITC. You will get quality training and professional teaching in a relaxed atmosphere, where you will meet other professionals who are looking to enhance their lives.

Thanks MCITC

R Muns – Cherry Hill Campus


Well, what can I say about MCITC, but to give this training and educational school “Two Thumbs Up” as a rating in my book.  I am glad that I have chosen to attend this institution for my training and education in the Medical Billing and Coding field.  MCITC in Cherry Hill is just simply the best school.

I recently graduated from MCITC in October 2010 as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist and as a Medical Administrative Assistant.

Everyone at MCITC is very professional and helpful.  They give you a sense of a warm and friendly atmosphere making you feel comfortable and welcomed.

My instructor, is very knowledgeable and organized in her teaching.  Her expertise in the Medical Billing and Coding and Medical Administrative Assistant has made her training technique easy to understand and comprehend.  She is very helpful and prepares you for taking your certifications as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist and as a Medical Administrative Assistant.

I have just taken my certification exam for the CBCS and will be taking my certification exams for the CMAA and for the CPC next.

This class here at MCITC for Medical Billing and Coding and Medical Administrative Assistant, has opened my eyes to the potential and many possibilities in this medical field.  I can truly say that I have learned a great deal from this school.  This is an excellent training institute I would recommend this school for anyone looking to embark on a new career.

Thank You MCITC

M Bostic – Cherry Hill Campu

My experience at MCITC was a very rewarding one.  Initially, I felt apprehensive because I was a woman near the age of 60 embarking on returning to school after many years of being in the work force until mu job closed. But I got a lot of emotional and spiritual support – not to mention a great education that made me very confident and ready to start a new career as a medical coding and billing specialist.

D Bloodworth – Cherry Hill Campus

Over the summer I attended MCITC in Millville New Jersey. I found the staff to be very supportive and professional. During the course, the information was explained in a very straightforward and clear method. The instructor was very approachable and accommodating to our needs.

Graduating from MCITC, I was able to receive my four credentials – Certified Professional Coder (CPC), Certified Coding Professional (CCP), Certified Billing & Coding Specialist (CBCS), and Certified Customer Service Specialist (CSS).

L Earnest – Millville Campus

My experience last year with MCITC was a highly favorable one to say the least. I was very pleased at the curriculum I was taught and the credentials obtainable.  I would like to thank the Staff for their help in my education process and for the placement I also received with the school. With the new Healthcare reform, I also found I am able to exceed in jobs that I did not know I would be qualified for with only two months of education. Highly recommend this school to anyone. Thanks again MCITC for an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

F Carrasco – Millville Campus